the story

As brand-new parents researching childcare for the first time, we were shocked at how expensive it was. We wanted to give our baby the personalized care of a nanny... but we knew that hiring a nanny on our own was far beyond our budget. We decided to look into nanny sharing - when two or more families pulled together to share one nanny - as a way to keep our costs down.

We quickly found that there was no easy way for families to find others interested in sharing a nanny. We created NannyShare to help solve this problem for us and other parents.

NannyShare is a resource for parents to post, search, and match up with other potential families.

the team

Max has 3+ months of solid experience in the newborn/infant market, and an in depth understanding of childcare options.
Anna is a first-time parent, with background in operations and brand strategy. Her work experience includes Microsoft, and she is a graduate of Kellogg GSM.
Alex is a first-time parent. He is a serial entrepreneur, with experience in software product development, product strategy and marketing. He is a graduate of Wharton.

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